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An ecommerce shop will benefit you by providing you with a sales channel to the vast online market and expand your potential market. GBSL can build either a low cost entry level shop for small businesses or a larger more extensive shop for medium sized businesses.

Whatever your requirements, your shop will be a key part of your marketing plan and we can advise to how to build an online community and succesfully market to them using a combination email and your shop. We can also advise you on the tools that will ensure your online marketing is implemented professionally.

It is vital that your online shop is easy to use and quick to load or you online customers will go elsewhere. That's why all our online shops are designed and built with an emphasis on usability. We also operate to the latest high quality build standards and use the leading industry tools and techniques.

See below for some of the features available from our ecommerce shops.

Ecommerce Shop Features

Flexible Product Catalogue and Store

    Up to 10,000 products
    Multiple page layouts
    Unlimited sections and subsections
    Customisable design
    Search on product attributes
    Automatic email confirmation of order
    Downloadable products such as MP3 and digital media

Comprehensive Merchant Features

    Tamper proof shopping cart with bank approved security
    Calculates shipping, handling and taxation costs
    Order processing module
    Monitors stock level during order process
    Customer accounts and customer specific store content
    Integration with all leading payment gateways including Worldpay

Powerful Marketing Options

    Search engine friendly websites
    Order level discounting
    Customer level discounting
    Discount promotion in the shopping cart


    A range of hosting options to suit your needs and budget, from shared webspace to dedicated servers
    Backup and restore
    Technical support

Maintenance of shop

    Regular ongoing maintenance, so your shop is always fully up to date

Contact GBSL to discuss your requirements in further detail.




Space on the internet for your website or ecommerce shop, so it can be accessed 24hrs a day from any location is known as hosting.

We have a range of hosting options to suit your needs and budget, from shared webspace to dedicated or co-located servers.

All hosting is provided through an agreements that GBSL has in place with a leading UK data centre specialising in business class hosting.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies ensure a smooth, uninterrupted delivery of power to all machines at all times and backup arrangements keep your hosting service up and running even in the event of a major power grid failure.

You can be sure that your web solution will be hosted in a cost effective professional manner and will be accessible and available at all times.

Contact GBSL to discuss your requirements in further detail.


Marketing will be important to you and your website can play a key role in your marketing plan. It will enable you to build an online community and build a relationship with them through the use of emails which link back to your website. For example, you can email your customers with details of special offers and include a link to your website.

You can also use online forms to build your customer database and interact with your customers. A "Contact Us" email link can be used to deal with queries and start the sales process for new customers.

Customer service will be a key part of your business and a website can enable you to offer online product information such as brochures and fact sheets. After sales service can also be delivered through your website and FAQ's (frequently asked questions) can save both you and your customers the time and expense of phone calls.

A website can reduce the cost of your marketing and customer service by eliminating printing and postage costs. It will also enhance customer service by speeding up the process.

GBSL will deliver you with a website solution tailored to the specific needs of your business that reflects the individual image of your business.

We can use content, logo's and digital images which you provide or alternatively we can provide the content for you, convert your brochures to PDF format and take digital photographs of your premises, staff and products.

See below for some of the website features.

Website Features

    A professional design which projects the individual image of your business
    Low cost entry level website for start up businesses
    Both usability and accessibility are given top priority during design and build
    Domain registration
    Domain management
    Email addresses that match your domain name
    A range of hosting options to suit your needs and budget, from shared webspace to dedicated servers
    Maintenance of website, so it is always kept right up to date

Contact GBSL to discuss your requirements in further detail.

Welcome to Gibbs Business Solutions Ltd

We are an Internet services business. The focus of our products and services is on:

  1. Web Solutions including websites and ecommerce shops for small and medium sized companies.
  2. Ebusiness project and business advice to small and medium businesses to help them grow and seize new opportunities.

We aim to build successful long term relationships with our clients which are mutually beneficial.

No two projects are the same and we will discuss with you how we can tailor our service to meet your specific needs. We always adopt a flexible approach, respond quickly to client needs to meet tight timescales and challenging deadlines.

We believe that quality is fundamental and our methodologies include the use of quality plans throughout the life of an assignment.

Our approach is always practical and "hands on" and we will support our clients through the full lifecycle from inception to implementation.